Sensor are instruments that provide robots data of the surrounding environment such light, heat, sound, motion, magnetism, pressure (just to name a few).  Sensors can also be used to provide robots with positioning (distance, location, etc) or orientation data (is the robot on uneven ground, laying on a side or upside down).

example of a light sensor

Types of Sensors:

  • Acceleration
  • Aerospace
  • Automation Sensors
  • Chemical/Gas
  • Embedded Systems
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Flow
  • Force/Strain/Load/Torque
  • Instrumentation
  • Internet of Things
  • Level
  • Moisture/Humidity
  • Optical
  • Position Sensors
  • Presence/Proximity
  • Pressure
  • Sensors/System Components
  • Software
  • Temperature
  • Ultrasonic
  • Wireless
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